Carriage Stroller -Time-Slot Selection Rental
Carriage Stroller -Time-Slot Selection Rental Orlando Stroller Rentals. Orlando Stroller Rentals Orlando Stroller Rentals Orlando Stroller Rentals Orlando Stroller Rentals Orlando Stroller Rentals
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Carriage Stroller -Time-Slot Selection Rental

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 Carriage Stroller- Time-slot selections


 Your family will be treated like celebrities in the park. Be prepared for many visitors having wowed reactions by your princesses enchanted carriage and cuteness! The stroller is designed to fit a child from the age of 2 years old to  a maximum of 50 inches in height.

Time flies by and creating magical memories will live with you forever. This is truly the best Disney Trip Surprise and is only rented to 10 families per day. We did this to assure your family is treated special.



How it Works

Simply meet us at your selected drop-off location  at your scheduled start and return time.

If you're needing to extend your rental or needing an earlier return we require a two -hour notice to accommodate. The charge per each additional hour outside the time-slot selections is $20 and can be added at checkout. If you're planning to stay most of the day at the Disney Park we suggest you booking our full day rental.

This rental will allow you to select your preferred time-slot and will allow you to extend your rental for $20 an hour at checkout. If you're planning to spend most your day at the Disney Park we recommend selecting our full day rental. 

 Please arrange to pickup the carriage before heading into the park. Its  a very large inconvenience for you to have to walk back to meet us when you were already in the park.


Simply meet us at your selected drop-off location at your scheduled start time and return time. You will be able to select the following time-slots listed below.


8:30-6PM , 9AM-6 PM , 10-6 PM , 11-7PM

Each additional hours is priced at $20 per hour.


Drop-off location

Staying at a Disney Resort?

The nearest meeting location to the Disney Bus drop-off is the Contemporary Resort. Once you get off the Disney Bus simply walk towards the Contemporary Resort instead of into Magic Kingdom. This is due to us being unable to drop-off at the Main Gate of The Magic Kingdom.


Staying at an off site Orlando Resort?

Simply meet us at the Transportation and Ticket Center at Magic Kingdom.

This location is where the Orlando Resort Shuttles , taxi/Uber all drop-off. 

If you have taken an Orlando Resort Shuttle simply text us if you are unable to see our Gray Van with Black trailer that will show our Logo.

Meet your instructor outside the vehicle so he may demonstrate how to use the carriage. 

Book now with our Fantasy Payment plan for 2 payment of $66! 

Be prepared for your family to turn into instant celebrities when you stroll one of our enchanted strollers into the most magical place in the world!  Your little ones greatest imaginations and excitement will be around their personal carriage stroller. These strollers have lights throughout, retractable seatbelts, water proof/sun protected stroller roof, and  suited to hold up to two children from ages 2-7 years old. As of March 2019 they will also have the capability of converting in to a bed. This stroller has been featured on Southern Living, Travel & Leisure and Business Insider. Have the most enchanted stroller in the world at the most magical place in the world!


How it works

Step 1. Select your preferred date. All reservations are set for eight hours, with the option to purchase additional hours for $20/hour at checkout.

Step 2. Select your preferred Disney park.

Step 3. Meet us at the designated drop-off location for the park selected. The Magic Kingdom's designated drop-off area is at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC).  We are not permitted to meet you at the main gate of the Magic Kingdom. The carriage must be picked up prior to entering in the park.

If you are staying at a monorail-access resort, we are able to drop off the carriage directly to you outside the main lobby of your resort.



  Carriage Features

  • Seats up to two children with a height requirement of 30 inches and maximum of 50 inches. 
  • Built-in lights with an array of color choices
  • Anti-theft trackers
  • Recline to bed feature (select carriages)
  • Cupholders for both children and parents
  • Retractable seat belts
  • Easy-to-push steering system with hand brakes
  • Custom carriage tag for your prince or princess
  • Fairytale rims
  • Carriage lanterns (select carriages)
  • Built-in hooks to hold bags and souvenirs.

     Drop-off Service Details

  • We are unable to meet your family at the main gate of the Magic Kingdom. The meeting location for the Magic Kingdom is at the Transportation & Ticket Center which is Magic Kingdoms designated guest drop-off area.
  • Includes tutorial on carriage features
  • Roses are not included in drop-off package but can be purchased at checkout or during reservation.
  • Reservation includes 8 hours, with extra hours available to purchase separately at $20/hour.
  • Read our terms and conditions to learn more about rules of use.