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Princess Carriage - 8 hour rental

Regular price $132.00

 Fantasy Stroller Easy Pay Payment Plan

We understand Disney Trips are not cheap and budgeting is very important!

You can now reserve your dream princess carriage with our new interest free non credit pull payment plan! Click this link to see how it works!


How it works

Step 1. Select your preferred date. All reservations are set for eight hours with the option to purchase additional hours for $20 per hour at checkout.

Step 2. Select your preferred Disney park

Step 3. Meet us at the designated drop-off location for the park selected. The Magic Kingdom's designated drop-off area is at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC). 

If you are staying at a monorail-access resort, we are able to drop-off the carriage directly to you at the outside of the main lobby of your resort.



  Carriage Features

  • Seats up to two children up to age 9 (Weight limit is 95 lbs. per child)
  • Built-in lights with an array of color choices
  • Anti-theft trackers
  • Cupholders for both children and parents
  • Retractable seat belts
  • Easy-to-push steering system with hand brakes
  • Custom carriage tag for your prince or princess
  • Fairytale rims
  • Carriage lanterns
  • Built-in hooks to hold bags and souvenirs.
  • Includes a silk rose for each child (Premium package only)

     Drop-off Service Details

  • Drop off is at Disney's Magic Kingdom Orlando Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) or at select Disney Resorts.
  • Includes tutorial on carriage features
  • Roses are not included in drop-off package but can be purchased at checkout or during reservation.
  • Reservation includes 8-hours with extra hours available to purchase separately at $20/hour.
  • Read our terms and conditions to learn more about rules of use.