How does the rental service work?
Platinum Package: Includes a carriage rental and round-trip transportation for up to 7 passengers for $240.
Princess Carriage Drop-off Package: We bring the carriage to the designated drop-off location at your selected Disney Park. If you're visiting Magic Kingdom, the location will be at the Transportation and Ticket Center.  If you are staying at a monorail-access resort we can drop off the carriage outside the main lobby of your resort.

How does your personal chauffeur service work?
Our chauffeur will pick you and your family up from your resort. He will text/call you upon his arrival. Then you and your family will be chauffeured to the designated drop off location at your selected Disney park. He will meet you at the same location at the end of your reservation and return you and your family to your resort.

What is the age range recommended for the carriage?
The carriage is intended for children up to age 9. If your child is younger than age 9 and you are choosing the platinum chauffeur package, please indicate your child's age in the booking form so we may provide the appropriate car seat. 

How many children can ride in the carriage? What are the size restrictions?
The total weight limit for the carriage is 140 lbs. and the seats are 24" wide. We recommend a maximum of two children. (No lap sitting or riding on the center floor or roof.) Seat restraints must be used when carriage is in motion. Overloading the carriage or allowing the children to sit in areas other than the seat is not permitted.

Does the carriage collapse? Is it easy to maneuver?
The carriages are handmade and not intended to collapse. They are very easy to push and turn, even uphill and through tight crowds. A fully-loaded carriage may be more sluggish, but should never be more than an average-size person can handle.

When will I be charged for my rental?
You will be charged at the time the reservation is made. A confirmation email will be sent including the time slot chosen.