How does the rental work?

  • Meet us at your selected drop-off location at your scheduled start and return time. 
  • Select one of the following pickup times 9 AM, 10 AM & 11 AM with all rentals return times set for 5 PM.
  • Additional hours can be  purchase for a cost of $20/hour at checkout. 
  • Read our terms and conditions to learn more about rules of use.

What is the age range recommended for the carriage?
The carriage is intended for children ages 2- 7.

How many children can ride in the carriage? What are the size restrictions?
The total weight limit for the carriage is 140 lbs. and the seats are 18" wide. The stroller is designed to seat one child on each end across from each other. (No lap sitting or riding on the center floor or roof.) Seat restraints must be used when carriage is in motion. Overloading the carriage or allowing the children to sit in areas other than the seat is not permitted.

Does the carriage abide by Disneys new stroller policy?
Yes! Disney's new size restriction is 31 inches wide by 51 inches length.
Our carriage is 19 inches wide by 49 inches in length. Our team built the carriage to make it the easiest stroller to navigate across the most crowded times of the year. The carriage is the width of an umbrella stroller!
How many children fit in the Spaceship Stroller?
It can fit two 5 year olds or younger side by side or one 6/7 year old.

Whats the difference between a stroller wagon and a stroller?
Stroller wagons can be either pushed or pulled. Strollers are not capable of being pulled. Wagons are designed to pull multiple items with its flat surface. The carriage  is classified as a tandem stroller and is not capable of being pulled.