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For those staying at a Disney resort


 All deliveries and pick ups will need to made face to face with a representative of the company. Fantasy Strollers will meet with you face to face at a designated time and place for your delivery and return pick up. It's important that during the reservation process you choose a time in which you will be able to meet with us for both delivery and the return pick up. You will receive a confirmation email showcasing the information provided to us after your order is placed.


This does not apply to the following locations: Shades of Green, Disney Springs hotels and resorts (except the B Resort), Wyndham Bonnet Creek, Wyndham Grand at Bonnet Creek, Hilton Bonnet Creek, Waldorf Astoria Orlando, The Swan Resort at Walt Disney World, The Dolphin Resort at Walt Disney World, Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World.

Whats the difference between the old carriages you offered and the new collapsible carriage?

The previous model carriage was designed for the use of a single day rental. Our latest collapsible carriage stroller is designed to be used for your entire trip.

Is the previous model carriage still available to rent?

The previous model carriages will be available to rent until the end of this year. We are providing an exchange on the rental selection for guest who would prefer the collapsible carriage instead of the Princess Carriage Stroller.

For guests staying at any other hotel, resort or vacation home.

Your stroller will be delivered to the bell services desk of the resort or hotel you list in the delivery section of the order form. Once you have checked in, simply go to the bell services desk and claim it ( they usually keep them in a luggage storage room). Be sure to give them the name you chose to list on your stroller if different than your last name. You DO NOT need to be present for delivery of the stroller to your resort or hotel. Please do not store your stroller overnight with the bell stands or luggage rooms. They have limited space and staff. Once you have taken possession of your stroller, please keep it with you.


If the stroller is being delivered to a private residence or vacation home, please indicate time for delivery AFTER you have arrived.  If you have a special request for a delivery time, please call or email so we can work out the details. We will accommodate any request to the best of our ability.


What if I rented a stroller from another vendor in Orlando?

Most vendors provide a full refund as long as you provide them a 72 hour notice prior to your scheduled pick-up.

Why should I rent a Fantasy Stroller?

There are some very good reasons to rent a stroller, even if your children don't normally use a stroller at home. Walking around a theme park all day can be exhausting! As an adult, you will feel it. Now imagine littler legs trying to keep up all day. Giving them a ride around the park will not only save them from getting as cranky, but will save you from some of that mid-day frustration. These parks are big...I mean big and you can easily walk a couple of miles a day just jumping from one side of the park to the other. 


Are your strollers within Disney's new size parameter?  

Yes, our stroller are well within Disney's new size requirement.


The photos of the carriage show a single wide stroller. How will the double wide stroller look like?

All our strollers for 2020 will be double wide which will fit 1-2 children. The stroller will look exactly the same aside from it being 24 inches wide.


Is the Collapsible Carriage Stroller permitted to go on the Disney Bus?

Yes, Disney requires all guest to collapse their stroller prior to entering the bus. The collapsible carriage stroller is able to be transported on all Disney Transport systems. 


What type of vehicle is needed to transport the Carriage?

The Collapsible Carriage is able to be transported in all types of SUV's, Vans and Resort Busses.

Can't I just rent one from the parks?

All theme parks rent hard plastic strollers. Unfortunately their strollers are not padded, don't recline and cannot be removed from the parks.


All strollers from Fantasy Strollers have Vinyl padded seats, fully recline and you can take them ANYWHERE you want....and trust us, the last thing you want is to have to carry a sleeping child back to the car at 11:30 at night with 30,000 other people bee-lining for the same monorail you are.



How are the strollers labeled? How do I know which stroller is mine?

Every stroller will be labeled with two different tags. A small handlebar tag will contain the name of the person who placed the order ( the renter ) along with the dates of the rental and a barcode which is used for delivery and pick up tracking. This tag is required by the resorts to have the renters name on it so the resort is able to verify that the guest is staying there if needed. A larger place card style tag will be attached to the axle or rear frame of the stroller. This will be the tag you use to indentify the stroller in the parks. This tag normally is just the guest's last name but can be any name you would like it to read. 


What if my drop-off and pick-up locations are not the same?

When ordering, you will be given the options of where you would like delivery and drop off to take place. Most likely, these will be at a resort or hotel. If pick up is at a private residence, please indicate a time that you will be present at the residence.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver to MOST Orlando attraction area hotels, resorts and vacation homes for FREE. A good rule of thumb is 8-10 miles around Disney.

If you're not sure you're in that area, just ask us. We do not deliver to Downtown Orlando, east of the Florida Turnpike , airport area hotels, Haines City or St. Cloud. Please call before placing an order if your requested delivery location is greater than 10 miles from Disney.

The following locations will not hold rental items for guests, therefore we are unable to deliver or pick up from these locations:


Can I leave the stroller with the bell stand at night? 

We ask that you maintain possession of the stroller when not in use. The hotels and resorts are kind enough to allow us to deliver and return the rental items to their bell stands. Please do not store your stroller with the bell stand, they should remain in a secure location ( hotel room, locked vehicle). Strollers found at the bell stands may be considered abandoned or returned early and insurance does not cover rental items left overnight for daily storage with bellstands or luggage desks. 

What is your cancellation policy?

A full refund is provided given we receive a hotel cancelation email. This is due to our limited availability throughout the year.

What should I do if I need to extend my stroller rental?


We recommend reserving your entire trip dates in order to guarantee availability. If you are needing to extend during your trip their is no guarantee that the stroller will be available. 


Can I order more than one item at a time?

Yes, you will be able to order multiple items at once when placing your order.


Who handles your credit card transactions and is it safe to order through your site?


We use Stripe as our credit card processor, a leader in the merchant services field. Your credit card number will not be visible to us ( unless order is placed over the phone) and all information is securely encrypted when being transmitted.


When will I be charged?

Your credit card will be charged at the time your order is placed and a confirmation email will be sent to you immediately.


What if I have a problem/issue with our stroller?


Our telephone number will be listed on the stroller. Give us a call and we will make every effort to resolve any issue immediately. 


Do you offer insurance on your strollers?

 Insurance is available for a one time charge per rental item. Insurance cost $35 for per stroller for the length of trip.  The insurance waiver covers theft and accidental damage. It is optional, but recommended. You will have the opportunity to purchase insurance on the "Date and Resort" page during the reservation process.


What happens if my stroller is lost or stolen?

If you cannot find your stroller, contact any park employee who may be able to assist you. Most strollers are moved around to create an organized space in parking areas. If you cannot find it with the assistance of a park employee, contact guest services. They may direct you to lost and found. If guest services cannot locate it, fill out a lost item report and contact us immediately.  If you believe your stroller was stolen, contact park security. You will be responsible for the cost of replacement for any lost or stolen stroller unless you have purchased the stroller insurance. Stroller insurance is a cost effective way to bring peace of mind to your vacation.


What can I do to lessen the chances of it getting lost or stolen?


Always park the stroller in an approved parking area. Lock the brake on the stroller when not in use. Make sure the tag on the bottom is not obscured and is clearly visible. Do not leave valuables in the stroller when you are not with it ( purses, wallets, etc...). Please do not remove a wheel from a stroller. This will put undue stress on the brake assembly and may cause cracking or breakage of the brake assembly.


What happens if our plans change?

Please contact us via email to notify us of any changes regarding your stroller rental ( check-in/out dates, resort location, etc ) and we will do our best to accommodate your request.




Do you offer rain covers? 

Our strollers are designed with a fiberglass roof that covers the stroller from rain down pour. 



What happens if our stroller gets wet?

No worries, our strollers are water resistant!


Other Questions?

Simply call us at 407-990-1844 or email us at info@fantasystrollers.com